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16. Ottakring

Ottakring is the 16th district of Vienna with a total area of 8.67 km². The special feature of the district is its landscape: the eastern part of the district is densely populated and built-up; in the western part the Vienna Woods and a few hills decorate the landscape (the highest hill with a height of 449m is the Gallitzinberg, named after the Russian ambassador Demetrius Michailowitsch Gallitzin in the 18th century).

Ottakring is not a very multifaceted district, however it is highly developed. There are mostly apartment buildings, but as well several Villas. In total, there are approx. 6,054 residential buildings, 2,143 of them were built before 1919 and 800 after the year 1991. The average living space in Ottakring is 62m² and the living space per head is around 31m². The population rises constantly (2015: 100,738 citizens) and, thus, there is a constant demand for residential complexes. The purchase price for apartments in Ottakring is around € 4,172/m² and the rental price is approx. € 13.31m².  Ottakring boasts a great industry: there is an incineration plant and the famous brewery “Wiener Ottakringer Brauerei”. The well-known Brunnenmarkt attracts daily citizens, not only because it is very easy accessible (terminal of the subway line U3 and the subway line U6, busses, tramways, trains).

Except the brewery which offers all-year visitations, the 16th district has a lot more tourist attractions to offer as the hotel Wilhelminenberg (a former palace) and the Kuffner observatory from the 19th century.

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