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The company Kryfel Sagl is a very reliable partner in Switzerland who has already planned, lead and managed a number of development projects with a professional working approach in the Switzerland canton Ticino.

Ticino is a canton in Switzerland which official language is Italian and which distinguishes itself from the alpine part of Switzerland by its warm climate and unique nature. Furthermore, the canton Ticino is well-known for its excellent schools and higher educational institutions and, thus, attracts wealthy classes from different countries which then buy real estates in Ticino in the hope to ensure their children a great education and a life with good prospects in the conservative Switzerland, however, with a unique Italian flair.

Years of experience and numerous contacts allow our partner, Kryfel Sagl, to unearth the most attractive building sites and the most profitable houses for reconstruction and renovation in the most beautiful and the most promising regions of the canton Ticino. Kryfel Sagl`s longstanding corporation with different real estate and property owners, the best architecture offices and reliable developers in Ticino enable a very skilled search and selection of investment projects and objects.

Furthermore, our partner Kryfel Sagl can provide our clients with information about exclusive luxury properties from wealthy regions in Ticino, with legal support for any issues and with assistance in requesting financing in the context of real estates.

Investments in real estates in Lugano, Locarno, Ascona and other wealthy regions of Ticino are seen as very reliable and attractive regarding the resulting liquidity.

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Anna Fella

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