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  • Real estate investment in Austria

    o Analysis, search and advise in the process of selection of the perfect real
    estate property on the Austrian real estate market according to the
    investor`s wishes and needs

    o Evaluation of the investment project regarding its optimal profitability,
    risk factors, amortization period, investment optimisation, etc.

    o Evaluation of the investment project`s attractiveness considering the
    analysis and prognosis of the Austrian real estate market

    o Assistance in requesting a bank financing in the context of a real estate

  • Business organization in Austria

    o Advise on the possibilities and perspectives of a business establishment and development in Austria

    o Company foundation and registration in Austria and the EU

    o Acquisition of an ongoing concern, support in its development and management optimisation

    o Establishment or selection of a management company

    o Making contacts with our professional and long-term partners for a business development

    o Personnel search

    o Provision of a company address and handling the correspondence

    o Participation in collecting the necessary document and permissions

    o Support in the ongoing concern

  • Legal services

    Our partners, legal experts and attorneys, take over the following tasks:

    o Professional analysis of the legal documents for the purchase process of a real estate

    o Legal support during a purchase, sales or rent closure and its registration

    o Preparation of a hypothecary credit agreement

    o Support in the elimination of conflicts and legal disputes

  • Tax advice

    Our partners, tax advisors, offer their legal and accounting service for:

    o private and legal persons

    o companies

    o investors

    o property owners and tenders

  • Migration service

    Our partners are legal experts who are specialised on residence permits

    o They perform an ex-ante evaluation of your chances on receiving a residence permit regarding your possibilities and wishes

    o They work out an individual programme for you and your family members for the request of a residence permit

  • Assistance for discussions

    We help you to find a court interpreter, provide consecutive interpreting services for discussions and negotiations and offer written translations of documents and your personal correspondence. We organise for you meetings, visitations, and negotiations and accompany you with and to our partners:

    o Legal experts who are specialised on the purchase and sale of real estates in Austria

    o Legal experts who are specialised on the residence permit in Austria

    o Tax advisors who have experience with investors from the EU and CIS countries

    o Banks who help financing real estate projects

    o Real estate developer

    o Architects

    o Construction companies

    o Property managers

    o Insurance experts

    o Experts for medical care (insurance, treatments, etc.)

    o Support in education issues and in the search for training facilities and accommodation

  • Support in the integration and settlement in the new country

    To be able to produce an individual plan for our client and his family such that Austria becomes comfortable and homelike, we analyse the individual life situation and compare the customer`s goals and wishes with the real possibilities in Austria.

    We help you to find solutions for strategic and day-to-day questions, to get accustomed to new circumstances, finding training facilities, medical treatment, house cleaning, etc.

  • Insurance

    Our partners in the insurance sector are leading European insurance companies and agencies. They work out an induvial concept, guarantee an all-sides security for any field of your activities, of your property and as well of your health issues.

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