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17. Hernals

Hernals is the 17th district and is located western between the Vienna Beltway and the Vienna Woods. The 17th district has a remarkable architectural variety: there are restored Villas from the Middle Age as well as modern built apartments. Furthermore, a significant part of the 17th district are green areas (approx. 53% of a total area of 11.39km²) and Hernals is densely populated with a total population of 55,628 citizens.

An indisputable advantage of the district is the geographic location and the transport system. By tram you are in 10 minutes in the City Centre and by car you are in 35 minutes at the Airport Wien-Schwechat. In Hernals, there are busses, tramways, trains as well as the subway line U6. Nowadays, there are 5,593 residential buildings in Hernals, 1,562 of them were built before 1919 and 1,018 after 1991. The average living space of the district is around 69m² and the living space per head is around 34m². In the subject of price, the purchase price for apartments is around € 4,102/m² and the rental price is approx. € 13.70/m².

Apart from its geographic location, the district is also because of its numerous tourist attractions very popular. There are many recreational areas, as the Schwarzenbergpark (the oldest park of Austria with a total area of 80 hectare) and the mountain Schafberg. The “Jörgerbad” (the oldest indoor swimming pool in Austria which was built in 1914), a memorial for the brothers Schrammel, the Viennese Reeds Alsegg and other attractions guarantee the 17th district an all-year tourist flow.

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