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8. Josefstadt

Josefstadt is the 8th and the smallest district of Vienna. Its total area is only 1.09 km². Nevertheless, it has its own special features. For historical reasons almost all Vienna`s mayors have lived in Josefstadt as well as the former Federal President, Heinz Fischer (tenure: July 8th, 2004 – July 8th, 2016). Nevertheless, it is a very calm and central district which is known as the “district of villas”. Josefstadt has got this name because of the high number of mediaeval urban villas which embellish the beautiful district. Due to a scarcity of building sites, there have restructuring projects are very common. Very often, city mansions are being rebuilt into living spaces.

In the 8th district live 24,518 people. Due to the proximity to the main university of Vienna, there are a lot of apartments rented to students. There are only 62 of 972 apartment buildings in total which were built after 1991 in Josefstadt. The average living space is approx. 83 m². Due to the above mentioned factors, the average purchase price per square meter is around € 6,867. The rental price is approx. € 14.78/m².

The district offers numerous possibilities for leisure activities:  the theater Theater in der Josefstadt, Vienna´s English Theatre, Palais Auersperg, beautiful parks, cosy cafés and a lot more.

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