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13. Hietzing

Hietzing is the 13th district of Vienna. It is the most western located district with a total area od 37.72 m² and a total population of 55,568. A considerable portion of it belongs the Viennese bourgeoisie. Hietzing boasts Villas and homesteads which were mostly built in the 19th century and still have aristocratic power of attraction. Thus, the region is very popular with foreign buyers. Furthermore, Hietzing is very popular with families because there are many residential buildings with spacious apartments and many green areas (approx. 70% of the total area).

In the 13th district, there are overall 9,420 residential buildings, 1,602 of them were built before the year 1919 and over 1,280 after the year 1991. The average living space is around 88 m² and the living space per head is approx. 43 m². The purchase price for apartments is around € 7,500/m² in case of first occupancy, € 5,600/m² otherwise, and the rental price is approx. € 12.60/m². The slightly higher prices in Hietzing are due to building site scarcity. Consequently, there are a lot of old buildings which offer headquarters a picturesque scenery for business possibilities.

The primary factor for attractiveness of investments in Hietzing is the year-round tourist flow. The glamorous Schönbrunn Palace which is a former summer residence of the Habsburg monarchs, the Hermesvilla, a palace in the Lainzer Tiergarten, which Emperor Franz Joseph I gave to his wife Empress Elisabeth (“Sissi”), the Vienna Woods and the Villa of the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt are tourist attractions which allow the district to shine with brightness.

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