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14. Penzing

Penzing is the 14th district of Vienna with a total population of 96,828 and a total area of 33.76 km² (60% of it are green areas, e.g. the Vienna Woods, Baumgarten Woods).

While in the western region apartment blocks prevail, there are usually old Villas in Penzing. Overall, there are approx. 11,600 residential buildings. About 1,871 of them were built before the year 1991 and 1,860 after 1991. Besides well preserved rural villas, there is also the industrial zone called Auhof. There is a well-known shopping and entertainment center.

Furthermore, Penzing has a highly developed transport system: besides the terminal station of the subway line U4 and a station of the line U3, there is also the railway station Hütteldorf. Moreover, the population growth is constantly stable (2011: 84,566 citizens). According to statistics the average living space per head is around 36 m², while the average living space in the district is approx. 72 m². The rental price is around € 11.90/m² and the purchase price is approx. 5,950/m² in case of first occupancy and around € 4,100/m² otherwise.

Apart from the world-famous Wienerwald, Penzing has a lot of tourist attractions which ensure a year-around tourist flow: the Vienna Technical Museum, which foundation was decided in 1908 on the occasion of the 60th jubilee of Emperor Franz Josef I ascending the throne, the Allianz Stadium (home stadium of the Viennese soccer club SK Rapid, the ski resort Hohe Wand Wiese and the impressive work of the Austrian architect Otto Wagner, which was born in 1841 and is well known for the architectural style Art Nouveau: the Social-Medical Center Otto Wagner Hospital and the church am Steinhof.

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