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20. Brigittenau

Brigittenau is the 20th district of Vienna and is located between the Danube and the Danube Canal. Brigittenau is astonishingly good connected with the other districts, not only because of 25 bridges, busses, tramway lines and the subway lines U4 and U6, but also very good reachable by car. The dynamic building development of the district led to a distinct population increase (in 2010: 82,083 citizens; 2021: 85,264 citizens; 2023: 85,690 citizens) and, thus, to a rise in the demand for living space. As a result, there arose also one of two very important city development zones on the area of the former railway station Nordwestbahnhof which has a size of 44 hectare (the other city development zone is on the former railway station Nordbahnhof). There is planned to arise a new part of town with living space for 12,000 people and 5,000 jobs (amongst others by building new educational institutions).

In total, there are 2,110 residential buildings in the 20th district, 830 of them were built before 1919 and approx. 300 after 1991. The highest building of the district is the “Millenium Tower” with a height of 202 m. The building offers a shopping centre, a cinema and gastronomy area, apartments, offices and retail space. The average living space in Brigittenau is approx. 61 m² and, thus, 30 m² per head. The average purchase price is around € 5,200/m² for first occupancy and  € 3,800/m²; the rental price is around € 12/m².

The 20th district offers a few distinct tourist attractions: The Nussdorf Weir and waterways lockage with the famous lion pylons, the Rivergate (a modern office complex, which feature is the astonishing architecture and the received certification “LEED Platin”) and the church Brigittakirche which is built from 1866 to 1873 in the neo-Gothic style. In Brigittenau, there is also the accident hospital Lorenz Böhler which enhances the medical tourism. The close proximity to the Danube and Danube Canal offers Natural Recreation Areas with numerous cycle paths.

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