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4. Wieden

Wieden is the 4th district of Vienna. Its total area is approx. 1.80 km² with a total population of 31,691 people and is, therefore, densely populated.

The public transport network is here highly developed as there are three metro lines: U1, U2 and the U4. The population rises constantly in Wieden (from 30,700 people in 2011 to 31,691 people in 2015) which influences the real estate market. More than 80% of the buildings in Wieden are residential buildings (1,263 of 1,476 buildings in total). According to statistics the average living space in the 4th district is approx. 84 m². Currently, the average space per capita is around 48 m². The average price for a living space is around € 7,932. Because of the acute shortage of building sites there have been only 72 buildings built since 1991. A great influence on the real estate market has the university Technische Universität Wien. The high number of students increases the demand for rented apartments.

The 4th district is also very attractive for tourists. According to statistics, 261,000 tourists have visited Wieden in 2015. The number of overnight stays was 645,860. The tourist attractions are mostly at the district borders (Karlsplatz, Palace Belvedere, Naschmarkt). Wieden has an astonishing atmosphere: modern Cafés, boutiques and a highly developed transport infrastructure merge with the buildings of the 18th century. All in all, Wieden offers recreational opportunities to every taste and for any budget.

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