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11. Simmering

Simmering ist he 11th district of Vienna and is well-known for its numerous industrial zones (e.g. power station from wood biomass). The total area of Simmering is around 23.26km² and 40% of it is green area. Furthermore, the district has a considerable potential for construction. An exemplary project is the Mautner-Markhof-Gründe. It is an apartment complex on a total area of approx. 7 hectare with 900 apartments. As the population rises constantly, housing projects are omnipresent in the 10th district (in 2011: 91,087 citizens; in 2015: 95,198 citizens). In total, there are 6,125  residential buildings in Simmering and 1,757 of them were built after 1991. The average living space is around 69m² and the living space per head is approx. 32m².

The 10th district has also a remarkable transport system, as the terminal of the subway line U3 and the very popular slip road to the A4, which leads to the Airport Wien-Schwechat, are located there. Furthermore, Simmering has affordable purchase prices: the price per m² is around € 3,670/m².

The Gasometer, former gas containers from 1896, is a modern building complex with apartments, office facilities, a cinema and student residence. The Viennese central cemetery is one of the biggest in Europe and is located in Simmering. Amongst others Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert and Johann Strauß were buried there.

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